This is a realtime workout video, which you can stream, and you will virtually be taking a real class with us.

In less than 30 minutes, without any equipment and without leaving your home, you will get a serious workout which will leave you feeling sweaty, amazing and energised.

These workouts are designed for all levels as modifications are given.

Here are the exercises that make up this workout:

4 Rounds – 5 Minutes each round with a 1 minute break between rounds

30 Secs on/30 Secs Off (Active Recovery)

Jump Jacks
High Knees
Speed Skaters
Split Jumps
Plank Thrusters

As each round is 5 minutes you can make the workout shorter if you are stuck for time or new to working out.

To make it harder perform each exercise for 45 seconds and active rest for 15 seconds.

Now hit play and get moving!!!

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