This is a realtime workout video, which you can stream, and you will virtually be taking a real class with us.

This is a 10 minute workout for your Bums and Tums, split into a 5 minute block for Bums & 5 minute block for Tums.  You can add either block to the end of your workout or both.  Get ready to feel the BURN!!!

Here are the exercises that make up this real time workout:

2 x 5-Minute Rounds

Single/Double Hip Raises – 20 Reps if doing doubles or 10 for each leg for singles
Side Kicks and Pulses – 10 Side Kicks & 10 Pulses (Each Leg)
And repeat the exercises for 5 minutes

1 Minute Break

Basic Crunches – 10 Reps
One Leg Crunches – 20 Reps (10 each leg)
Flutter Kicks – 20 Reps
And repeat the exercises for 5 minutes

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