10 Ways To Workout For Free

Being fit or trying to increase your fitness doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have to fork out a lot of money on fancy gym memberships or personal trainers.  There are plenty of options you can do without spending money or for a small once off payment. We have made a list below of 10 cheap or free workout options that you might want to try.


There are plenty of park runs that you can join.  Check out //www.parkrun.ie/ to find a local participating park near you.  Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone and are safe and easy to take part in.

Cost: FREE

2. Store Workouts

Some activewear stores put on free classes or events that you can go along to.

Lululemon Sunday Sweat – Lululemon stores all over the world run free classes and events. They have run clubs and provide a variety of different classes from yoga to HIIT.  In Dublin the Lululemon store (Level 2 Brown Thomas) run Sunday Sweat Sessions most Sunday mornings at 10am before the store opens. We actually taught a class there early this year and hopefully will be teaching another one in the coming months.

Gym+Coffee Summer Stretch – Gym+Coffee will be starting their Summer Stretch program on 1st June. They will be offering classes in store and in parks in both Dublin and Cork. We have signed up for their run on 9th June in Cruagh Woods with former Olympian David Gillick. Check out the line-up.


Cost: FREE

3. YouTube Workouts

YouTube is great for fitness classes, demonstrations and tutorials. You can find full workout classes on the site, so you don’t even have to leave your home to take part in a class.  There are bodyweight and equipment based workouts, covering all levels of fitness.  We have our own YouTube channel too with real time workouts so it is like you are taking a class with us.  Use the link below if you would like to check it out //www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_sjmlk-1-IJrdYSFECMEg

Cost: FREE

4. Workout Videos / DVD’s

There are so many websites out there with fitness videos.  Most fitness trainers have workouts on their websites, as do a lot of active wear companies.  We have listed a few below but there are way too many to list them all.

Sweaty Betty – online women’s active wear site


Fabletics – online women’s active wear site. This is one of Ali’s favourite places to buy workout wear.  It is a subscription service but you don’t have to buy something every month.  The workouts are part of the VIP benefits members get. Click on the link below to sign up.


Fitness Blender – this site gives you lots of options so you pick the workout suited for you.  You can chose difficulty level, specific equipment, body parts to work and length of workout. Something for everyone.


Workout DVD – You could also buy a workout DVD to use at home. These can vary in price but will generally cost less than €20.

Cost: FREE TO €20

5. Social Media Workouts

There are so many people out there on Instagram and Facebook with fitness accounts. You will find lots of workout programs available on these pages, from quick demos to live workouts or Instagram TV. Find one that works for you. We like @alexia_clark @kelseywells @maeve­_madden @lillysabri @bradleysimmonds @shona_vertue

Cost: FREE

6. Fitness Apps

There are plenty of free apps you can download from the app store to help with your fitness.

Couch To 5K – this app is perfect if you are looking to take up running. It does exactly as the name suggests and takes you from the couch to being able to run 5k.



Nike Training Club – Completely free app from Nike. It includes over 180 workouts covering a range of workout types. From strength exercises, to cardio and endurance, to mobility and yoga, it’s all here. 



Cost: FREE

7. Taster Class/Session

A lot of gyms or class based facilities offer a free trial or first class free option. Check out your local gym or fitness facility to see if they offer a free trial.  We offer a free class for any newcomers in our facility in the Red Cow Business Park.  Just pop us a message if you would like to try it out.

Cost: FREE

8. Hiking / Walking

When the weather is fine, why not get outdoors and go for a hike. There are plenty of hiking trails around and not all hikes need specialist equipment, clothing or boots.  Ali went hiking only yesterday in just regular trainers and workout wear. Make sure to check out the route though before you go and take precautions for your safety.

Here are some beautiful hikes/walks you can try in Ireland.


The Hike Life – Roz Purcell’s Hike Life is very popular event and new dates are always being announced. You can find the schedule on her website.


Cost: FREE

9. Get Outdoors

If hiking is not your thing but you want to enjoy the great outdoors, why not go for a run, swim, walk or cycle.  You can even find workout machines in parks and along the seafront that you can use. Add some resistance training into your workout by using benches, steps and just your bodyweight to do squats, step ups, tricep dips, push ups, etc. We have some more ideas on our Instagram which you can check out.

Cost: FREE

10. Buy Some Equipment

Invest in some equipment. We don’t mean expensive machines though. You can pick up a skipping rope, kettlebell, dumbbells or exercise ball in places like Penneys or a sporting good store for a small price. You can even pick them up with your food shop in some supermarkets.


So there you have it, plenty of options that you can try that don’t involve paying a gym membership. Which ones will you try?

Ant & Ali

20 Min Real Time Workout – Full Body

This is a realtime workout video, which you can stream, and you will virtually be taking a real class with us.

Will you make it through the entire real time workout? Give it a try and find out.

This is a challenging 20 minute workout, so make sure to go at your own level so not to injure yourself.

Here are the exercises that make up this workout

Lower Body:

10 Squats

20 Alt Lunges

10 Sumo Squats

20 Curtsey Lunges

Repeat for 5 Mins x 2


Upper Body:

10 Walking Planks

20 Shoulder Touches

10 Press Ups

20 Mountain Climbers

Repeat for 5 Mins x 2


For all the best real time workouts subscribe to our Youtube channel //bit.ly/2AfMgcr