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* Fitness plans start from €55 p/m

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Take Extreme Ownership of Your Health

A Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

  • Training sessions preloaded
  • In-app chat with your coach
  • Upload progress pics
  • Calorie and macro calculations

Never Get Stuck

  • In app video demo for each exercise
  • Guidance on technique & proper form
  • Workout Schedule
  • Workout log & reminders to keep you on track

Recipes to Fuel Your Body

  • Quick & easy to follow recipes
  • Precisely measured recipes
  • Macro breakdown
  • Reach your nutritional goals

* Fitness plans start from €55 p/m

Check Out What Others Are Saying

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"I've trained with Ant and Ali for years. They are the best trainers I've ever had. They helped me recover from double lung surgery and prepared me for the many tv shows I've done. They have helped me not just with fitness but made it a lifestyle for me. They are more than trainers. They are now my friends. I owe a lot to them and their dedication to help me be the best version of myself. Their online PT and classes are fab too. 

Baz Ashmawy
Irish TV Personality

Active Community, Accountability, Support

Chat With Us Every Week

  • Exclusive access to our private online group
  • Weekly facebook "Ask Ant & Ali" live 
  • Fitness goals & progress
  • Ask questions and join live discussions
  • Join a thriving and supportive community
  • Accountability and motivation

Common Questions We're Asked...

Who is the WellFit Method™ for?

The WellFit Method™ has been used by over 5,000+ everyday people to elite athletes -  There is a level for everyone!

How is WellFit Method™ different from other online workouts?

The WellFit Method™ is a full 360 approach to your overall wellbeing. It is about making practical and sustainable lifestyle changes, that you can easily implement into your daily life.

Are the workout plans available right away?

Yes, when you purchase your plan you will get access to the mobile app straight away.

I haven't trained in a long time (months, years)...Can this work for me?

Yes! Getting started is the hardest part. If you are returning to fitness complete the exercises at your own pace. Always consult with your doctor before undertaking new exercise routines.

I've no workout equipment, will it work for me?

The Bodyweight Sculpt workout series is designed to only use your bodyweight. It can be used at anytime, anywhere.

* Fitness plans start from €55 p/m

The Workouts That Keep You Superhero Fit

Get your sweat on with the WellFit Method™ Bodyweight Sculpt fitness plans

Everything You Need To Get Fit Fast

👉 Get fit with confidence - 14-day money back guarantee! 👈
Get fit with confidence
👉 14-day money back guarantee! 👈

Don't know where to start?

Use the FREE WellFit Method™ Assessment tool to find out which plan is best for you, based on your current fitness levels

* Fitness plans start from €55 p/m